Best 5 Mobile Security Apps

Best 5 Mobile Security Apps

Mobile security is becoming increasingly important in a mobile computer. Of particular concern  the security of personal and business information now housed on smartphones.

More and more users and businesses are using smartphones to communicate, but also to plan and organize their business as well as their private lives. In companies, these technologies are causing profound changes in the organization of information systems and have become a source of new risks. Indeed, smartphones are collecting and collecting an increasing amount of sensitive information that needs to  controlled to protect the privacy of users and the intellectual property of the company.

Security Apps

All smartphones, like computers, are the preferred target of attack. These attacks exploit the weaknesses inherent in smartphones that can come from communication modes – such as SMS messaging, services, multimedia messaging (MMS, WiFi , Bluetooth, and GSM). There are also exploits that target software vulnerabilities in the browser or operating system. the software relies on the poor knowledge of the average user…

Security measures

Are developed and applied to smartphones, ranging from security in various layers of software to dissemination of information to end users. There are good practices that must  followed at all levels, from design to use, through  development of operating systems, software layers and download applications.

Comodo Mobile Security (CMS)

Is a mobile application provided free by the Comodo Group that protects Android devices against viruses, worms and scripts.

There are a number of applications that give us security when using our phones, the most successful of which are:

Text Secure Private Messenger

Text Secure Private Messenger overcame this barrier, where it provided users with an extra layer of protection for sent SMS messages. This application does not need that  recipient of the message also have a Text Secure Private Messenger application installed. Its creator is “Open Whisper Systems” and they   on Google Play Store  free.

Red Phone: Private Calls

It is an application that provides end-to-end encryption for any calls you want to make completely private. Red Phone will secure all calls in such a way that absolutely no one will be able to eavesdrop on them and thus compromise your privacy.

Orbot: Proxy with Tor

Orbot is an application that allows anonymous access to its users, Internet, email or instant messaging services without the risk of being tracked, hacked or blocked. Orbot brings Tor’s features and capabilities directly to the Android platform.


AppLock is most commonly used to protect some personal information, such as the one that can be collected from a variety of applications. With the AppLock app, you can set the code to the SMS app, gallery, gmail, Facebook, calling app or even your phone setup. You can lock virtually any application, in addition to the applications, and individual functions.

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