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Apple’s Twitter Account is Hacked by Scammers

The famous tech company Apple joined the Twitter community since 2016 like thousands of other brands and companies which utilize the well-known app to tweet about their next releases and promote their upcoming products and services. The Apple Twitter account

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TikTok is Becoming a Hotspot for Child Abuse

Since 2018, the famous music-based app TikTok has been rising rapidly to prominence with millions and millions of users joining the platform from all over the world. However, TikTok, recently, has been coming across multiple problems that seem to disturb

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Download Sucuri Security Plugin and Secure your WordPress

WordPress is now one of the top platforms in the world to provide people everywhere with exactly what they need to start an online blog or website so that they share whatever content they want and also monetize their websites

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Apple Augmented Reality – AR App

Apple has been known to be experimenting with an AR app for a while now, and recent sources are claiming that the company will relatively soon release the headset Apple is planning a new device launch in 2020, according to

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A WhatsApp Bug Reveals the Most-Awaited Dark Mode

The extremely notorious “Dark Mode” has been trending and highly demanded by audience members since a couple of years ago. The most well-established apps and social media outlets are of course among the first platforms to introduce worldwide users with

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Truecaller App Accused of Betraying the User’s Trust

The Swedish app Truecaller has been amongst the top useful trends for smartphones since its launch more than ten years ago. The ID, identifier, service has been a favorite of the local and international audiences, and it’s daily utilized by

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Facebook Messenger Logs

Facebook admits keeping users’ call log. Facebook acknowledged the rumored news of its Android applications, Facebook Lite and Messenger, are uploading the users’ call logs and private phone messages to its servers. Such actions take place only if the user

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Why do people hack Instagram Accounts?

With the growing popularity of the social media platforms comes a new responsibility of maintaining privacy and protecting the users from outside threats and breaching attempts. And whilst many apps are always trying to protect the users and their personal

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