TikTok is Becoming a Hotspot for Child Abuse

TikTok is Becoming a Hotspot for Child Abuse

Since 2018, the famous music-based app TikTok has been rising rapidly to prominence with millions and millions of users joining the platform from all over the world. However, TikTok, recently, has been coming across multiple problems that seem to disturb the users and weaken the overall TikTok experience, such as the absurd and unorganized design, the lack of a parental control system and the spread of obscene and inappropriate videos across the app. And since 2019 has started, parents have been continuously warned that TikTok is indeed becoming a hotspot for child abusers and harassment actions. Also, schools and educational institutions have sent messages to parents and families warning them not to allow their young children to use TikTok as a socializing platform as the app is being targeted by paedophiles and sexual abusers who are stalking youngsters and harassing them online.

In fact, whilst TikTok is turning into one of the most used apps of the time, it’s also turning into a hunting area to track children and youth in the absence of any control or strict rules regarding the content of the app. There are numerous occasions where the musical app has been used to stalk and hunt down young girls and boys which led to the current warnings sent to families and parents. TikTok is getting its popularity from the very young teenagers and children – under 16 years old – whom the app seems to artificially suit their needs; that’s why, without any sort of a parental control, the TikTok platform is being accused of exposing children to sex content, self-harm posts and bullying comments that are both unsuitable and unethical. And with the young TikTok users being tracked down by paedophiles or abusers, the situation is getting worse and parents are enraged by what the musical platform has to offer to the upcoming generation.

The unrestricted features of TikTok are the primary propellers to misuse the platform; the obscene and inappropriate content is what triggers online child hunters, abusers and paedophiles to use TikTok to harm youngsters. A TikTok official said that a bundle of protection measures exist on the app and the company is always enhancing and upgrading them. The app also deletes any content or posts that violate its main guidelines. Yet, the current protection measures turn out to be insufficient as many harassment and stalking cases continue to emerge. Despite the heated debates, TikTok still promises that any sexual, unethical or discriminating content will be removed as soon as possible, and a couple of more protection measures are going to be unveiled very soon.

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