Using Ethical Hacking for Securing Systems

Using Ethical Hacking for Securing Systems

The ethical hacking is a developed, offensive kind of the security testing planned to offer a deep technical analysis of the targeted environment’s susceptibility to the risky attack. The well-trained security experts will find out the combination of the ways to search for the weak links that hackers can use.


The well-trained professional people follow the test procedure to unveil the susceptibilities and bring them into focus. The result of this testing is a detailed analysis with suggestions for protecting the targeted environment.

Test Process

The penetration test, also termed as pentest is an exertion to judge the security of the IT structure by checking for the susceptibilities and weak links that a hacker can access, via the operating system, services, apps, inappropriate integrations and attitude of the end users.

The penetration test includes the comprehensive report regarding these susceptibilities and weak links which are successfully exploited during the test duration. Most of the value gathers from the segregating the already identified susceptibilities to support the preferred efforts done during mapping the strategic results.

For every test, there is a separate procedure which must be followed for a high-quality methodology as given below:

  1. Reconnaissance

The test will tend to search for the information as much as possible regarding the targeted environment via all the available sources like search engines, DNS, etc.

  1. Scanning

The tester may use the port and susceptibility scanners to detect and use the fingerprint opening ports and services in the given environment. Moreover, it identifies the strong susceptibilities in these services.

  1. App testing

Here tester will use both manual and automatic testing to plug into in-scope apps for the environment. The tester may use the credentials offered by a legal user.

  1. Exploitation

The susceptibilities detect during the test will get exploited to find out the effect and the scope of that risk. If required, the tester will leverage any benefit acquired via exploitation to get into the targeted environment within the limited scope.

Report of Findings

At the end of the agreed on the test window, the tester will offer to give a report of findings which comprises a list of all the susceptibilities detected and authenticated via test. Every susceptibility will be assigned to a certain level and ranked according to its relativity with other susceptibilities found in the same environment.

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