Why do you need Antivirus Software?

Why do you need Antivirus Software?

Nowadays, the term “antivirus” is considered only a tool which is used to protect the data files and a computer system against various threats including viruses, rootkits, ransomware, Trojans, botnets, rogue protection software and other kinds of malicious programs. But the actual viruses are least of your concerns, as they lay very down to prevent their detection.

You may assume that “I just use my laptop or PC for surfing the internet” or “I did store any personal data in it so who cares if a malware or virus attacks my system?” Well, it is not that simple as it seems.

Threat scenes

The Trojan attacks your system while pretending that it is advantageous for you, however, if it gets inside the wall of your system, it produces a malicious payload. You may say that you don’t have any personal information stored on your computer but what about your emails? – That is as personal as anything else for you. The Trojan may tend to capture the email address or password or penetrate into your financial records thus engulfing your bank account. This leads to the bank robbery activity without any gun or mask.

If your system gets infected by a botnet, the bot herder can help it in avoiding the problems such as the spewing spams, the participation of the service attack or serving a peer-to-peer command and control server. If your ISP detects any GameOver Zeus stuff is entering into your IP address, you might find your system being interrupted for the internet access.

Ransomware comes in a wide range, and none of them is beneficial. Even if you have to pay up, there is no guarantee that you will get your data files back. You need to format the whole drive and start from scratch. Along with this, another undesirable possibility is if a hacker tries to get into your computer system with the help of a malware and collects all the private passwords, personal data, he may use this information in the form of an identity theft. You may not notice anything happening about it until you receive the bill of your credit card which you never used, or come to know that there is loan taken from the bank on your name.

Here is the help you need

Now you have been much convinced by the significance of the usage of antivirus protection. You can get best antivirus protection software at reasonable costs, even free of costs in few cases and keep yourself protect and your data from malware or viruses.

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