Best Free Antivirus Software for Android

Best Free Antivirus Software for Android

The concern of protection for the Android-based devices is very from being upfront. There is a little debate regarding if you require the antivirus apps on your mobile phones. Most of it depends on if you keep side loading the apps. However, there is no denying that malicious program has expanded into a much larger concern as it was in 2012. Fortunately, the protection apps have been improved dramatically to maintain the speed with the novel malware types. Thus you have a large number of strong protection programs to select.

Most of the Android security apps are actually the programs which comprise of the hosts for another tool from contact filtering for remote locking or wiping. You may decide to take a quick look at the top Android security apps and find out what features they own for getting the best results.

  1. Sophos free anti-virus and security

There is a large number of the really good Android protection apps available, however, it will be hard to find out the one which offers with many features, and rates 100% detection ratio for malware in real time and doesn’t charge a penny.

The Sophos free anti-virus and security system has been the best performer for years, continuously increasing the detection rate to 100% for Android malware as per Av-test. It gives false positives and offers strong scan covering the installation, apps and storage media.

  1. AVL

Few of you are probably only look for the malware security which is as barebones as possible. If you don’t want to include the anti-theft tool or identity security or any of other possible surplus features that come in different security apps, then AVL suits you best.

This app scored a 99.8% detection rate for the real time Android malware according to latest test, and increasing it to 100% for the malware for last few weeks, without any false positives.

  1. Trend micro mobile security and antivirus

Reaching the malware detection rate to 99.9% during last two years, Trend micro is a very solid choice. According to recent reports, it became able to reach 99.8% for real-time detection rate and 100% for malware discovery during last four weeks.

You get a number of other features with the free edition of Trend micro’s app. There is also a nice “just a phone” tool which kills all the unwanted background processes.

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