Norton Security

Norton Security

There have been many antiviruses in the market claim to perform equally well as Norton product. However, none of them can do as well as Norton version. Norton has simplified its product line. It was able to conquer the market with its three new brands that traded at different prices and ranged from basic to advanced protection suite.

Norton maintains a single product in the market that trade at $80 annually. However, the prices are discount exclusive and, therefore, the actual cost may be a bit small. It’s able to provide protection to multiple devices operating Windows, iOS, OSX, or Android.

Norton Security Features

  • A mobile encryption software that is essential to tracking misplaced or lost device
  • An excellent filtering feature, which allows easy management of sites and contacts.

The following are some of the advantages that are linked to this security application.

  • An excellent interface that enables a comfort while using the phone
  • A range of different categories of scans that gives the user an option to customize own settings
  • Secure password storage tool that enables efficiency in privacy management.
  • Anti-theft properties, that allow easy location of misplaced or lost phone.
  • Top-notch mobile security, it’s able to detect and prevent malware. It also gives the users to blacklist or block nuisance spam in their mail accounts or contacts.

Despite all the above merits, it also has the following defects.

  • No secure browser, this, therefore, exposes the system to malware threat especially when browsing. Some phishing malware may attack personal data on the smartphone thus making them inaccessible to the user. This version of Mobile Security also lacks a rescue disk in its program.
  • Parental controls are absent, this makes the product unfit to parents who need to make close supervision of the kid’s online activity and apps that they spend a lot of much time.

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