What Makes Mobile Security In Organizations So Important?

What Makes Mobile Security In Organizations So Important?

The rise of workforce mobility in this era has brought about the challenge for companies to ensure the security of their confidential data. As 2016 comes to a close, the need for mobile security becomes even more robust than before.

We are all aware of cybercrime and its increasing threat in the recent times. Given the various reports of malware attacks and other forms of cyber crime that intrude and steal data from personal devices, IT security has become an ever growing concern for all.

The security teams worldwide have come together to tighten security parameters to protect against large-scale breaches and dreadful ransomware attacks. However, this task has become more challenging with rise of workforce mobility and BYOD.

What about mobility in workplace?

Advanced technologies such as cloud computing has enabled workforce mobility, and it has been revolutionizing the workplace. It boosts productivity levels by allowing employees to work anywhere anytime.

According to a recent survey it has been revealed that about 61 percent of office employees work from outside for part-time. As the workers opt to work outside office, they are open to various forms of security threats.

The use of partially or unprotected public Wi-Fi points, theft or loss of devices can all lead to security breach in organizations. In a recent survey it was shown that about 50 percent of the employees who chose to work from outside reported of device theft. These stats point towards a real challenge that is of mobile security.

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