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Avast to make Biggest Security Deal


The antivirus vendor Avast Software has decided to purchase the opponent the AVG program at the cost of $1.3 billion. This deal will allow Avast to reach to more than 400 million platforms or devices working on Avast’s and AVG’s

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Why consider signature-less Malware Detection


If you use the signature-based antivirus programs for malware detection, this implies that you are choosing to stay a step behind the attacker, and for the users who don’t use deep protection approaches, being relying on the endpoint protection can

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Victims of scams on WeChat lost over $70,000


The Singapore Police Force has declared that it had gained multiple reports regarded the cases where victims were cheated by scammers on WeChat, telling that more than $70,000 lost in this. They further told that the scammers had stated that

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‘Irresponsible’ ad by Kaspersky banned


‘Irresponsible’ ad by Kaspersky banned for signifying to teenagers that sexting is normal. An advertisement displaying a young girl sending her topless photos to her boyfriend has been banned for signifying the teenagers that sexting is easy and normal to

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How to Jailbreak your iOS 9 Devices


For quite some years, Apple has incorporated a lot of features into its iOS mobile operating system, which made it possible to jailbreak your device so that you can customize and tweak your phone or tablet. With this development, users can

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What to Do if you Just Lost your Smartphone


Quite a number of us have come to rely on our Smartphones so much that misplacing one can be a real predicament, whether it is being grabbed on the subway or lost in a restaurant. Discussed below is what you

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Extra Features of Avast Mobile Security app for Android


Nevertheless, Avast mobile security app is actually one great application that provides a trusted safety through both a good invasion assault as well as theft. This particular application established fact for the always-on safety that it offers whilst searching online

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Norton Security


There have been many antiviruses in the market claim to perform equally well as Norton product. However, none of them can do as well as Norton version. Norton has simplified its product line. It was able to conquer the market

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