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Is FaceApp Danger to use due to Privacy concern?

FaceApp is an app that changes person face from younger to older, female to male, older to younger, to more younger , gender swapping, change your style, make your smile, make your future self, and etc. The most popular is

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QQ International is Under Fire for Breaching Privacy of Users

Lately Chinese apps, such as WeChat, TikTok and QQ, have been rising steadily to prominence with millions of users from everywhere using these platforms on a daily basis to communicate and socialize with others easily. And despite the rapid growth

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Best 5 Mobile Security Apps

Mobile security is becoming increasingly important in a mobile computer. Of particular concern  the security of personal and business information now housed on smartphones. More and more users and businesses are using smartphones to communicate, but also to plan and

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WhatsApp Messenger Introduces its 2019 Fact-Checking Features

This year, the popular messenger WhatsApp Messenger promised to continue with its diligent efforts to immune its platform against any sort of misuses and the spread of fake news and rumors. Recently, the viral app rolled out a couple of

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Facebook Urges Users to Check Security Status

Following the recent ongoing Facebook users’ privacy and data security issues, it looks like the international messaging platform is considering a second route in an attempt to redeem a part of its shook reputation and, at the same time, in

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WhatsApp Messenger Voicemail Under Attacks

In the last few days, the illegal cyber attacks on the WhatsApp platform have increased and many accounts have been, unfortunately, compromised and damaged. The most recent WhatsApp dilemma has come up after many voicemail boxes of innumerable WhatsApp users

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What Makes Mobile Security In Organizations So Important?

The rise of workforce mobility in this era has brought about the challenge for companies to ensure the security of their confidential data. As 2016 comes to a close, the need for mobile security becomes even more robust than before.

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Some limitations of the Kaspersky Antivirus program

Although, this antivirus software is one of the best softwares that gives your system protection from viruses it still has a few limitations. Have a look at some of the limitations of this antivirus software. The limitations of the antivirus

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