Norton Security 2018 Review


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Norton Security 2018 Review

Today I’m going to review Norton Security 2018 Beta. The main application window is conveniently split into five main categories called Security, Identity, Backup performance and more Norton. The section of the interface mostly serves as a way to monitor

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Why do you need Antivirus Software?


Nowadays, the term “antivirus” is considered only a tool which is used to protect the data files and a computer system against various threats including viruses, rootkits, ransomware, Trojans, botnets, rogue protection software and other kinds of malicious programs. But

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The Rise of Smartphone Technology


Many of the experts defined the future smartphones as the way of zapping the people on one end when they are going to utter something really senseless. The main technology strategy planners are working for something new. Currently, the closet

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Tips to Avoid Mobile Malware


Smartphones are emerging as the most luxurious devices for the mainstream user gadgets. As the mobile phones are becoming the very pervasive parts of the mainstream domain, the malware developers are focusing and getting anxious to expose this industry of

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How latest antivirus software detect and remove viruses


The antivirus software is the strong tool which is necessary to be installed on the Windows computer. If you wonder that how they detect different threads and removes them, what they do in your system and if you need them

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Best Free Antivirus Software for Android


The concern of protection for the Android-based devices is very from being upfront. There is a little debate regarding if you require the antivirus apps on your mobile phones. Most of it depends on if you keep side loading the

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Will Your Android Phone Be More Vulnerable To Threats In 2017?


Malware threats on Android phones is not new and we have been aware of this for a long time, however the new reports on this front is sure to increase your stress! According to a new report by security firm

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Using Ethical Hacking for Securing Systems


The ethical hacking is a developed, offensive kind of the security testing planned to offer a deep technical analysis of the targeted environment’s susceptibility to the risky attack. The well-trained security experts will find out the combination of the ways

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